About Us

Charles Marklin co-founded Metro Finishes in 2001, after graduating from the esteemed Ringling School of Art & Design in Sarasota, Fla. Upon graduation, he set out to land a job with an employer who valued the artistic mindset and fostered a close-knit, extended-family dynamic among his employees. After unsuccessful attempts to identify such a firm, he decided to create one of his own. He started Metro Finishes with a partner, and in the beginning worked primarily on small residential projects. As the firm’s reputation for quality, fairness and professionalism spread, it was awarded its first Walt Disney World job working on Epcot’s Italy Pavilion. Fast forward 15-plus years and Metro Finishes now employs a staff of 15 and works with clients as notable and diverse as Walt Disney World, Henri Bendel in New York City, Red Bull and NBA superstar Grant Hill. Metro Finishes has earned a reputation as the premier source for artistic interiors and exteriors, and is committed to living up to this impeccable reputation by pleasing every client every time.